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But I Digress….

And so today, a departure from interiors.

I may have developed a new addiction.

This watch.

Or perhaps this one.

From ToyWatch.

Where have these been all my life????



Am I so out of it? Have you all known about ToyWatch for AGES?

Quick! Click over to ToyWatch. There are ohhh soooo many more to see!!!

…and would someone tell my husband. Hmm?


Newly discovered from Gap

And I got ’em!!
And they look goooood!

I was tickled to read a review on the Gap website where one disappointed customer lamented that the jeans completely covered her size 12 foot  “and the bottoms not only cover my entire foot but they go past my big toe by an entire inch. They’re almost laughable.” She made my day!

Come on now….Those of you of a certain (ahem) age know that covering the entire foot IS the point!

When I wear these jeans I am transported back…..
…to Skateland. ‘Elephant leg’ jeans -as we called them- HAD to completely cover our skates or it was NOT cool!

These are a different style from those shown above, and I hear them calling to me…

Roxanne (your elephant leg jean wearing friend)
PS:  I need to add (after seeing the kind comment on this post from The Zhush) that it is because of Sue at The Zhush that I am now experiencing this ToyWatch obsession. She posted about it here. Thanks Sue!

Crave Cozy?

Brrrrrrrr! It’s been miserably cold here!  Granted we are not suffering like Atlanta, but still! This is Virginia and we should not be so, I don’t know, COLD.

We have been having lots of fires in the fireplace  at our house – sometimes all day long! And flanking the fireplace in our family room are two inviting window seats where the kids like to curl up with a book and a snugly throw.

And this got me thinking about window seats in general and what makes them so appealing.

Ignoring the Christmas theme (aren’t you completely OVER it?) imagine curling up with a book and a cup of tea (or glass of wine) here. Add a small cigar table –

like this one from Worlds Away

and a couple of sconces from Circa Lighting – (Divine!) – and one might never leave.

So as I was going through my inspiration folder selecting images of window seats to share with you, I started thinking about what drew me to some and not to  others.  For example:

I absolutely LOVE this cozy bed. Although I have no way of knowing for certain, I would guess this was a room without closets. Add them, and you end up with a space just begging for a window seat – or in this case, a built-in bed! What child would not want to sleep here? Heck, I want to!

But then I came across this one. And as cute and happy as the colors are, that is all this room has going for it. That long seat is pointless. Not cozy, not practical. I’m sure the children who play here love sitting on it – or dancing, or using it as a stage. But then what?

See the difference? This window seat makes sense. It is tucked into a confined space, feels and looks cozy, and offers (presumably) some storage. There is context to this seat.

And you may disagree, but I don’t see a point to this one either. Beautiful as this room is – and it is – so much more character and interest could be added by using an actual bench – or small upholstered accent chair.

Very creative use of a small space. It almost looks like it is at the top of a staircase. Love! Love!

Wow! Look at the beautiful panels flanking this darling seat. Note the wall color and how it lends depth and warmth.

And here is a close-up of this. I believe that may be an upholstered wall. See the trim along the edge? Swoon.

As you can see, there is a matching window seat on the left side of the fireplace too.
(Are 3 photos of the same room too much?)

How sweet is this?? The whimsically painted wooden valance creates architectural interest in a room which seems to have none. Add panels with Alice in Wonderland size tie backs and the fringe trimmed pillows and you have a sweet princess hide-away.

Loving the wall of storage softened by those puffy down-filled cushions and simple unlined panels. Oh la la!

It is clear the window seats holding the most appeal for me are those tucked into small cozy spaces, or at least those made to feel like small spaces.
The use of fabric and texture and color also lure me in.
So what about you? Which window seat do you covet?

Hugs, Roxanne

If you would like help crafting the perfect space for your home and you live in the Washington, DC area, please contact me.

Put On Your Big Girl Panties

As each day passes and I’ve not posted here, the pressure mounts. I have so many things I want to share but they all seem so lame as I surf around reading scintillating, imaginative and creative blogs. How will I ever be able to find my place beside My Notting Hill, or Pure Style Home, or  House of Turquoise, or Cote de Texas? As much as I hate to admit it, a teeny tiny bit of self pity had set in.

Then this morning I was having a sweet and (I hope) inspiring conversation with my daughter about the challenges of friendship and how sometimes it seems easier to get mad, or be sad, or assume the worse in those challenging moments. We talked about how we, and only we, are responsible for our happiness, or success, or mood, or (fill-in-the-blank). Excuse-making and blame-placing not allowed. After she gave me a very sweet hug and skipped off, I turned my attention to my to do list.

And there it was, just where I left it:  ◊Write blog post.  Ugh. Still no √ in that box.

Then it hit me…..time to apply a little of my own advice. No excuses. No self-pity.

Put on your big girl panties, Roxanne, and get on with it.

And so I will.

Here are a few images I found recently after discovering Houzz.

I’m helping a client transform her VERY large home office space into a serene, well organized oasis where her productivity will soar. And where, tucked away in a corner, will be a cozy reading nook with comfy furniture. A space designed to lure her children in. She loves reading with them and wants her office to be as much a productive work space as a cozy retreat.

This is one of her favorite inspiration photos. She loves the clean white organized feeling of this space – and so do I! Notice the inspiration wall on the left full of found treasures?

Here is one of my favorites. I love the glass shelves behind the desk. The things perched upon them seem to magically float. The gold floral wallpaper relates beautifully with the simple cork board and vintage trophy lamp. The wall color  is soothing and the dark floor grounds it all. Throw in the unexpected faux hide rug, and surely only brilliant work emerges from this space!

The mix of dark neutral walls with the vibrant orange really appeals to me. Likewise, the mix of  the traditional print of the window treatments against the geometric rug. Any idea how to use an abacus? Anyone?

And finally…….What I REALLY call a fantasy office! Who are they kidding? No way any meaningful work comes outa here.

My client and I are just getting started on her project and only at the floor plan stage. As soon as I have more to share, I will!

So, big girl panties firmly on, I’ll say bye for now.
And I’ll be back soon!