Inspiration: Published Vintage

So way back in December I stumbled across an Etsy store that had two 1960 interior decorating books for sale, which I quickly scooped up. A few of the images have been tumbling around in my head. Let’s see what you think….

Copyright 1965 (I was 3),
And authored by Albert Kornfeld, editor-in-chief of House & Garden magazine for 9 years and a New York decorator.

Sunken bath tubs. When was the last time you saw one of these?? Did you notice the side table?
It reminded me of this one from Worlds Away.

Good design never dies!

The above image reminded me of this one from DecorPad…

….sans the cafe curtains.
Cafe curtains certainly are a reoccurring theme in this book.

I love this clever use of open shelving for storage and as room divider. It would be terrific in a child’s room, as shown here, or perhaps in a basement redo when you need to deal with those pesky support posts. Did you notice the wallpaper on the ceiling???  The flourescent task lighting?? The typewriter (yes, that is what one looks like). And the rotary dial phone?  How many of you gave your finger the free ride back on yours?

This room is so timeless, the photo could have been taken in 2011. Aside from the quality of the photograph, one might never know. I LOVE the pattern & color combinations. It is also a wonderful illustration of how a round rug can create an intimate feel in a spacious room.

Are you feeling the upholstered screen? Check out the detail at the top.

And finally…. Sledge hammer anyone?


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  1. So loving the upholstered screen. The pink bath – yuk except for the cool mural on the back wall. Could see that paired w/marble mosaic on the floors and non-pink toilets!

  2. Great post!! So interesting to see how those looks have been translated for today. Also, loved thinking about all the fun of a rotary phone. My Barbies only needed to hop on my home phone and they were immediately at the amusement park!

  3. hi Roxanne! Nice to hear from you today.
    I love this post. The pink bath is so arlington!! I just got rid of some of these outdated decorating books. Seeing them through your eyes with your commentary makes me wish I still had them.


  4. Growing up, we had a “pink” bathroom and it still is pink…and my Mother cannot bring herself to part with it!
    Love to see an after….
    the before has run it’s course!