Paralyzed by the Possibilities

It is, perhaps, a little known fact that most interior designers have a near impossible time decorating their own home.

Sadly, I am not an exception.

For nearly 6, yes SIX, agonizing months I’ve done my darnedest to come up with a fabric and color scheme for our family room.

Here is what it looks like now:


(longer, deeper sigh) BTW, there is plywood under the cushions. (another sigh)

Designers have no difficulty making wonderful selections for our clients. We ask questions. Do lots of listening. Then execute a beautiful plan.
Not so for ourselves.


We get distracted by the next new shiny thing we see. We LOVE so many different fabrics. Looks. Styles. Colors. Actually, this is part of the reason we are good at what we do. If a client wants a style that differs from our personal preferences, we still get excited about it and have a great time putting it together.

But back to my dilemma….

The compter armoire  (yes computer armoire – how sad is that)  currently housing the TV will go. The TV will move to above the fireplace (the room is TINY & I need the floor space). Everything in the photo will go – except the TV remote. Did I mention how much I hate this room?

Weeks ago I started sorting through fabrics. Memo after memo of yummy beautiful fabric.

Not quite right.

Still not it.

Time to seek help.

Anne from  Dwellings By Design offering her professional opinion.

And Michele from My Notting Hill working a little magic.

Still, no decision.

I finally decided to go back to my favorite inspiration photos to gain new focus.

And here is the one that spoke to me the loudest.  (Photo: Traditional Home  Designer, Amy Bergman)

What I love most: oodles of texture, soothing neutrals, interesting yet subtle patterns.

So finally,  the fabrics for my new family room:

They are all very tactile – raised velvet detail on all but the sofa fabric. For the sofa, a textured velvet with lots of shine and movement. Add to all of this some shiny nickel nail head detail here, a contrasting welt there and exposed wood trim on the upholstered pieces in a soft white painted finish. New occasional tables, lighting, rug, built-ins (gee, I sure hope my husband is not reading this – he thinks we just need furniture).

Next up: choosing the furniture. Ugh! See you in another 6 months. But seriously, I hope to have everything ordered within the next week and will be back to you in 6 – 8 weeks with an update.


If you would like help choosing the perfect fabrics for your project – which really can be done in a more speedy fashion – send me a note!

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