Project Complete

It is exciting yet a little melancholy to bring a project to conclusion.

My client, T, and I worked hard together for more than 18 months.

I am excited to share the result of all that hard work.

Here is T’s living room.

It was a blank slate. They had just moved into their new home  and were starting this room from scratch.
(Sorry for the photo quality. Professional photographers are ‘spensive!)

The upholstery is all custom.
Our jumping off point was the red and ivory floral on the chairs. Everything else flowed from there.

The sofa is covered in a very textural velvet-like chenille. Yum!

The chair in the fore ground was found at an estate sale and recovered with this beautiful nubby velvet.

In the background, you can see just a bit of the new stair runner we had installed. Luscious!

Again, bad photo quality, but shows how well the stair runner works. LOVE it!!

I’m gonna miss working with you T 🙁


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