There’s a new online shelter mag in town.
Yesterday, the editors of Lonny and Traditional Home magazines launched the newest entrant in the world of virtual mags,

As most of you know, Lonny Magazine was launched by Michelle Adams and Patrick Cline in the wake of the closing of Domino. TRADHome is a c
ollaboration between Traditional Home magazine and Michelle and Patrick and it looks promising.

So what is TRADHome about?  They want to redefine our ideas of traditional decor. Online magazines have one distinct advantage over their glossy counterparts (aside from the fact they are free) – they can utilize video. So in an effort to help us on our redefinition journey (can I say that?), they paired Jonathan Adler and Charlotte Moss (I KNOW, that’s what I thought!) in a short video.

Click HERE to watch – it really is worth your time:

And finally, a few pages from the premiere issue of TRADHome:

Not exactly your mother’s idea of traditional.

But look at the other end of the same room. Wonderful!

So have you begun to look at traditional design differently?
It’s starting to work for me.


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  1. Hey Roxanne…I was just looking through it last night and wow I was in love. You picked some of my favorite images too! And thanks for the sweet comment! -Danielle

  2. Just found about this one today. Very cool – and just kept going and going. Missed the video. I have to go back and check it out when I have more time to really absorb.

  3. Love all these images, total eye candy! I just adore the ruffled vanity skirt too!!

  4. Swooning over the last pic! Off to see the magazine now, thanks for the tip, Roxanne!

  5. Thanks so much for your very nice comment and visit, Roxanne. Great to have you stop by – hope you will come back often! Have a great wknd!

  6. hi Roxanne!
    I loved this new issue too! My favortie was the video of Charlotte and Jonathan- too fabulous!!

    happy weekend!

  7. LOVE the new magazine! Will this be in print? I’d subscribe immediately.
    Great job!!!