There’s a new online shelter mag in town.
Yesterday, the editors of Lonny and Traditional Home magazines launched the newest entrant in the world of virtual mags,

As most of you know, Lonny Magazine was launched by Michelle Adams and Patrick Cline in the wake of the closing of Domino. TRADHome is a c
ollaboration between Traditional Home magazine and Michelle and Patrick and it looks promising.

So what is TRADHome about?  They want to redefine our ideas of traditional decor. Online magazines have one distinct advantage over their glossy counterparts (aside from the fact they are free) – they can utilize video. So in an effort to help us on our redefinition journey (can I say that?), they paired Jonathan Adler and Charlotte Moss (I KNOW, that’s what I thought!) in a short video.

Click HERE to watch – it really is worth your time:

And finally, a few pages from the premiere issue of TRADHome:

Not exactly your mother’s idea of traditional.

But look at the other end of the same room. Wonderful!

So have you begun to look at traditional design differently?
It’s starting to work for me.


Decor Love

I have loads of inspiration photos saved. Wiith no specific theme in mind, here are a few….

(via Decorpad)

(via Decorpad)

(via Houzz)

(via Decorpad)

Hugs,  Roxanne

Split Personality

Recently our family stayed at The Gaylord at National Harbor in D.C.

We had a great time and the place is amazing. Go if you are ever in the area.

When we entered our room, this is what we found:

Crazy, right?

Here’s the living room. Big.

Sitting room.

View of the atrium. Ya, those little houses you see are INSIDE the atrium. They don’t do things small here.
And those cute heads are my girls!

So here is what I was struck by; the room’s decor was predictable given our location in the Nation’s Capital. Traditional. Dark leather and heavy upholstery. Very conservative.
Pretty, but just a bit tame.

Then we walk into the Old Hickory Steakhouse, located in the atrium, for dinner and are greeted by this eye candy!


As you enter the bar, you can see all the way back through the restaurant. The window at the far end overlooks the Potomac River.

See what I mean about the split personality? These spaces are all at the Gaylord National Harbor.

This would be more ‘wow’ if I had taken the photo when the bar was actually open. But still, can you see how amazing it would be to sip a cocktail here?
(I came back the morning after dinner for better lighting and to be certain there were no customers.)

Notice not only the striking chandelier, but also the wavy glass in the windows.

Martini anyone?

Oh yes, and the food was pretty darn good too!



Circa Who & Product Resources

I am mildly obessed with finding new product sources. I just am.

I don’t relax and enjoy the images in shelter mags. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy the images – I do. What I don’t do is relax. Pen in hand, I obsessively write down every website or manufacturer that catches my interest.

So, I was flipping through House Beautiful several months ago and paused to read the feature article, The Next Wave of Designers to Watch. (I realize this is old news, but I cannot get to my point without starting here.) The article includes brief interviews with the chosen designers and each are asked a series of questions. The one that most intrigued me:  “Tell us one of your secret design sources.”

Paydirt. Here are the country’s best up and coming designers and they are going to tell us where they get their stuff. Sweet.

One of the featured designers  is a DC local and someone I admire a lot, Sally Steponkus.  Her secret source?  Circa Who, a West Palm Beach vintage resale shop. Here is what she says:  “Last year when I was doing a condo in Bal Harbour, Fl, I drove over  to Palm Beach to check out some of the vintage shops. I fell in love with Circa Who and continue to visit the website and e-mail Tracy to ask her to keep her eyes peeled for certain pieces. She’s always got affordable, funky, cool, vintage furniture and lighting. I love bringing a little ’60s West Palm to conservative, serious DC!”

Quick as a flash I was on that website.

And here is what I found:

8 Century Furniture dining chairs!
Look at that greek key detail on the arm chairs. Stunners.
Yes, these are sitting in my dining room right now. More on the transformation of these chairs and the room in a future post.

A few weeks later I find this Century Furniture (do we detect a theme with me?) king headboard. And, yep, it is now in my guest room.
I tell my husband I purchase these things to use in future projects. I mean it when I say it. Really, I do.

I guess I would consider parting with it….Maybe.

Acrylic nesting tables. Living in my sunroom.

And here are a few items currently available at Circa Who.

(Yes, more Century Furniture dining  chairs like mine)

(all images of currently available items via Circa Who)

Hurry on over if you are in need of a vintage fix. It is a great resource and the good stuff goes fast! Sally, my husband says thanks. Not.


If you want help fitting a bit of West Palm glam in your home, get in touch. I’d love to help!

Inspiration: Published Vintage

So way back in December I stumbled across an Etsy store that had two 1960 interior decorating books for sale, which I quickly scooped up. A few of the images have been tumbling around in my head. Let’s see what you think….

Copyright 1965 (I was 3),
And authored by Albert Kornfeld, editor-in-chief of House & Garden magazine for 9 years and a New York decorator.

Sunken bath tubs. When was the last time you saw one of these?? Did you notice the side table?
It reminded me of this one from Worlds Away.

Good design never dies!

The above image reminded me of this one from DecorPad…

….sans the cafe curtains.
Cafe curtains certainly are a reoccurring theme in this book.

I love this clever use of open shelving for storage and as room divider. It would be terrific in a child’s room, as shown here, or perhaps in a basement redo when you need to deal with those pesky support posts. Did you notice the wallpaper on the ceiling???  The flourescent task lighting?? The typewriter (yes, that is what one looks like). And the rotary dial phone?  How many of you gave your finger the free ride back on yours?

This room is so timeless, the photo could have been taken in 2011. Aside from the quality of the photograph, one might never know. I LOVE the pattern & color combinations. It is also a wonderful illustration of how a round rug can create an intimate feel in a spacious room.

Are you feeling the upholstered screen? Check out the detail at the top.

And finally…. Sledge hammer anyone?


Crave Cozy?

Brrrrrrrr! It’s been miserably cold here!  Granted we are not suffering like Atlanta, but still! This is Virginia and we should not be so, I don’t know, COLD.

We have been having lots of fires in the fireplace  at our house – sometimes all day long! And flanking the fireplace in our family room are two inviting window seats where the kids like to curl up with a book and a snugly throw.

And this got me thinking about window seats in general and what makes them so appealing.

Ignoring the Christmas theme (aren’t you completely OVER it?) imagine curling up with a book and a cup of tea (or glass of wine) here. Add a small cigar table –

like this one from Worlds Away

and a couple of sconces from Circa Lighting – (Divine!) – and one might never leave.

So as I was going through my inspiration folder selecting images of window seats to share with you, I started thinking about what drew me to some and not to  others.  For example:

I absolutely LOVE this cozy bed. Although I have no way of knowing for certain, I would guess this was a room without closets. Add them, and you end up with a space just begging for a window seat – or in this case, a built-in bed! What child would not want to sleep here? Heck, I want to!

But then I came across this one. And as cute and happy as the colors are, that is all this room has going for it. That long seat is pointless. Not cozy, not practical. I’m sure the children who play here love sitting on it – or dancing, or using it as a stage. But then what?

See the difference? This window seat makes sense. It is tucked into a confined space, feels and looks cozy, and offers (presumably) some storage. There is context to this seat.

And you may disagree, but I don’t see a point to this one either. Beautiful as this room is – and it is – so much more character and interest could be added by using an actual bench – or small upholstered accent chair.

Very creative use of a small space. It almost looks like it is at the top of a staircase. Love! Love!

Wow! Look at the beautiful panels flanking this darling seat. Note the wall color and how it lends depth and warmth.

And here is a close-up of this. I believe that may be an upholstered wall. See the trim along the edge? Swoon.

As you can see, there is a matching window seat on the left side of the fireplace too.
(Are 3 photos of the same room too much?)

How sweet is this?? The whimsically painted wooden valance creates architectural interest in a room which seems to have none. Add panels with Alice in Wonderland size tie backs and the fringe trimmed pillows and you have a sweet princess hide-away.

Loving the wall of storage softened by those puffy down-filled cushions and simple unlined panels. Oh la la!

It is clear the window seats holding the most appeal for me are those tucked into small cozy spaces, or at least those made to feel like small spaces.
The use of fabric and texture and color also lure me in.
So what about you? Which window seat do you covet?

Hugs, Roxanne

If you would like help crafting the perfect space for your home and you live in the Washington, DC area, please contact me.