DC Design House, The Final Chapter

The DC Design House is entering it’s final week, so those of you lucky enough to be in the Washington, DC area need to check your calendars and make time to get there by May 8. ¬†Money raised benefits Children’s National Medical Center and tickets are available at the door.

Here now is a particular favorite of mine, The Hideaway done by Lauren Liess of The Pure Style.

Inspired by the home’s numerous rooms – perfect for a child to explore – Lauren created a relaxing space designed to inspire the imagination. It is a space to which one can retreat and read or catch up on correspondence.

I have visited the Design House several times, and every time I’ve see people drawn to this window seat and plopping right down! What bigger compliment is there than that?! Lauren refers to it as the Princess and the Pea window seat. The 3 custom mattresses, done by Paul David Johnson, are – for me – the center piece of the room.

Lauren has also created a line of custom upholstered furniture and this Mad Hatter chair is one of her favorites. The ikat fabric used for the window treatments you see in the background is also her original design.

I wish I had a better photograph of the art, but I don’t! Above you can see a partial view of renowned artist Matterw Moore’s over-sized grisaille of boxwood gardens done for this room. His work is INSPIRED! You can see more of it if at the Design House as he has a mini gallery set up there.

I attended press day at the Design House with my dear friend, Catherine Funkhouser of CWF Communications. Catherine is a very talented writer who has many published articles including numerous pieces with Capital File and Washington Spaces magazines. ¬†She is standing with designer David Mitchell of David Mitchell Interior Design in his ‘One for the Guys’ bedroom.

David’s room is his signature combination of comfort and tradition – a mix of old and new, ordinary and luxury. He wanted to be sure that men were represented in this year’s Design House by creating a masculine space. It’s terrific, isn’t it?!

Barbara Franceski of Barbara Franceski, LLC imagined a family room where everyone can come together to talk, read, relax or socialize. Above you can see the wonderful curved sofa from William Yeoward – my favorite piece in the room.

This teen girl’s bedroom was designed by Samantha Friedmna of Samantha Friedman Interior Designs. Isn’t it charming?

Here is Samantha standing next to the swing she had installed in the dormer of this room. I truly loved the burnt orange and purple combination in this space.

I’ll leave you with some additional photos of the Design House. Pure eye candy, each one.

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