But I Digress….

And so today, a departure from interiors.

I may have developed a new addiction.

This watch.

Or perhaps this one.

From ToyWatch.

Where have these been all my life????



Am I so out of it? Have you all known about ToyWatch for AGES?

Quick! Click over to ToyWatch. There are ohhh soooo many more to see!!!

…and would someone tell my husband. Hmm?


Newly discovered from Gap

And I got ’em!!
And they look goooood!

I was tickled to read a review on the Gap website where one disappointed customer lamented that the jeans completely covered her size 12 foot  “and the bottoms not only cover my entire foot but they go past my big toe by an entire inch. They’re almost laughable.” She made my day!

Come on now….Those of you of a certain (ahem) age know that covering the entire foot IS the point!

When I wear these jeans I am transported back…..
…to Skateland. ‘Elephant leg’ jeans -as we called them- HAD to completely cover our skates or it was NOT cool!

These are a different style from those shown above, and I hear them calling to me…

Roxanne (your elephant leg jean wearing friend)
PS:  I need to add (after seeing the kind comment on this post from The Zhush) that it is because of Sue at The Zhush that I am now experiencing this ToyWatch obsession. She posted about it here. Thanks Sue!