DC Design House 2012

Each year I anticipate the DC Design House like children look forward to Christmas. Oh the suspense! Then, in mid-April, it arrives!

Benefiting Children’s National Medical Center, the DC Design House 2012 showcases the talents of 23 area interior designers and is open April 14 through May 13. If you are in the DC area make a special effort to visit. More information about the Design House and Children’s National Medical Center can be found here.

Built in 1956 and located at 4951 Rockwood Parkway, NW in the stately DC neighborhood of Spring Valley, this year’s home is a stunner.

{photo by  Angie Seckinger}

The DARLING John Matthew Moore created this spectacular foyer. I first met him last year at the 2011 Design House where he created a breathtaking  painting for my dear friend Lauren Liess‘ room. Though we only talked a short while last year, I was so flattered he remembered me!

John Matthew Moore and his painting, Three Swans

Upon remarking on the beauty of this fabric, I learned he designed it himself! Does his talent have no end???

Next is the refined creation of Annette Hannon. Her parlor, designed as an inviting and comfortable space in which to linger, stands out as one of my faves this year.

{photos courtesy of Annette Hannon Interior Design, Ltd}

A bar is concealed behind those spectacular doors. CarrMichael Construction made Annette’s vision come to life. Wow. And the pattern on the chair (not the back of the chair, but the chair back. Follow me?) is an applique’. Wow again.

Notice how she resisted the urge to pile pillows on the sofa.

From Annette’s serene parlor you enter Kelley Proxmire’s L’Orangerie. Just feast your eyes on this treat….

In what was once a formal ballroom, Kelley created a classic take on a modern sunroom. With her signature use of color, emerged this tangerine fantasy. The orange grasscloth is inspired!

Kelley masterfully blends the traditional with the unexpected. Love it! Another fave for me.

I cannot wait to show you more so come back to visit soon.


There’s a new online shelter mag in town.
Yesterday, the editors of Lonny and Traditional Home magazines launched the newest entrant in the world of virtual mags,

As most of you know, Lonny Magazine was launched by Michelle Adams and Patrick Cline in the wake of the closing of Domino. TRADHome is a c
ollaboration between Traditional Home magazine and Michelle and Patrick and it looks promising.

So what is TRADHome about?  They want to redefine our ideas of traditional decor. Online magazines have one distinct advantage over their glossy counterparts (aside from the fact they are free) – they can utilize video. So in an effort to help us on our redefinition journey (can I say that?), they paired Jonathan Adler and Charlotte Moss (I KNOW, that’s what I thought!) in a short video.

Click HERE to watch – it really is worth your time:

And finally, a few pages from the premiere issue of TRADHome:

Not exactly your mother’s idea of traditional.

But look at the other end of the same room. Wonderful!

So have you begun to look at traditional design differently?
It’s starting to work for me.


Decor Love

I have loads of inspiration photos saved. Wiith no specific theme in mind, here are a few….

(via Decorpad)

(via Decorpad)

(via Houzz)

(via Decorpad)

Hugs,  Roxanne

Inspiration: Published Vintage

So way back in December I stumbled across an Etsy store that had two 1960 interior decorating books for sale, which I quickly scooped up. A few of the images have been tumbling around in my head. Let’s see what you think….

Copyright 1965 (I was 3),
And authored by Albert Kornfeld, editor-in-chief of House & Garden magazine for 9 years and a New York decorator.

Sunken bath tubs. When was the last time you saw one of these?? Did you notice the side table?
It reminded me of this one from Worlds Away.

Good design never dies!

The above image reminded me of this one from DecorPad…

….sans the cafe curtains.
Cafe curtains certainly are a reoccurring theme in this book.

I love this clever use of open shelving for storage and as room divider. It would be terrific in a child’s room, as shown here, or perhaps in a basement redo when you need to deal with those pesky support posts. Did you notice the wallpaper on the ceiling???  The flourescent task lighting?? The typewriter (yes, that is what one looks like). And the rotary dial phone?  How many of you gave your finger the free ride back on yours?

This room is so timeless, the photo could have been taken in 2011. Aside from the quality of the photograph, one might never know. I LOVE the pattern & color combinations. It is also a wonderful illustration of how a round rug can create an intimate feel in a spacious room.

Are you feeling the upholstered screen? Check out the detail at the top.

And finally…. Sledge hammer anyone?


Music for the Eyes & NORAD’s Santa Tracker

Oh how I love to soak in everything Christmas – and like a child, wish it would not end.

Every photo here speaks Christmas clear as Silver Bells, but each in different keys.

Sit back and enjoy the music….

And at the end, look for the NORAD Santa Tracker link.

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“Mommy’s tree”, as my children say.

When I reflect on why we have 2 trees; one I decorate exclusively  (all by myself – no, you cannot help – step away from Mommy’s tree)  and one the girls and my husband can decorate any way they like (the one that lives in our sunroom – the room we use the most but that is tucked away at the back of the house) – I can only conclude one thing:   I have control issues.

Our daughters’ tree – the one they decorate. If you look closely, you can see an ornament my 10 year old made with her preschool photo many years ago. This tree is full of those sentimental handmade ornaments. You know the ones; brought home crushed in the bottom of a backpack or carried oh-so-gently off the bus,  and sweet little faces beaming with pride. This tree, in all of its down-to-earth sentimental beauty, really is my favorite. Control issues aside.

And finally, my husband is a retired Navy pilot (Go Navy!) and is dedicated to all things military. It has become a tradition that he gather the girls around the computer on Christmas Eve, early in the day, and together they track Santa’s progress with NORAD’s Santa tracker.

The brave U.S. and Canadian military men and women at NORAD, North American Aerospace Defense Command, stand watch over Santa on Christmas Eve and over the rest of us 365 days a year. Read more about NORAD here.

And if you have the chance, take a moment to thank a member of our Armed Forces and say a prayer for those spending the holidays away from family.

Hope you enjoyed the eye music.

Merry Christmas!

Roxanne, proud Navy wife.

ABC Carpet & Home, Part II

More Eye Candy from ABC Carpet and Home

Sit back, relax and enjoy…

Ahhhhhh, tufting! One of my favorite design elements. And I love seeing it presented here  in muslin. My imagination is running wild!

Here is a perfect example of how fun and unexpected it is to pair modern with traditional. It really does work putting this chair with the contemporary metal and mirror table.

Cisco Brothers Chair

Ok, there are so many things I love about this Cisco Brothers chair!  Who would not want to curl up in this men’s suiting inspired pin striped upholstery? So soft and inviting. And the white contrasting welt & nickel nail heads! Again, mixing traditional and contemporary elements adds such interest.

And another important thing about Cisco Bros, they make 100% sustainable furniture.  I recently placed two Cisco Bros chairs in a client’s home and a few days later  she sent an email raving about not only how perfect they looked, but that they are so amazingly comfortable. (Thanks Sheila!)

Note the legs and stretchers on this Dwell Studio chest. It could live anywhere:  foyer, hall, bedroom….(excuse the poor picture quality)

The beautiful inlay of this chest stopped me in my tracks. Again, an argument could be made to place this treasure in any space. What about a small dining room? A guest room? A living room side table? A nursery?

I cannot get this cocktail table out of my head. I never did figure out the manufacturer (help anyone?), but I  L*O*V*E  it! Poor quality photo once again, but this thing is really stunning.

What about bedding, you say?  Feast your eyes…..

From Dwell Studio, the mix of pattern and color is really wonderful especially on this great upholstered bed.

This close up is a much better image of the vibrant colors and textures.

Pillow Love.  I want these bird pillows scattered around my sun room!  But, oh how they pull this ensemble together.

My daughters would like me to magically transport this bed to each of their rooms.


And now for some FUNKY – and there was lots of that to be found….

How about this whimsical vanity?

Are ya ‘stumped’?  Yup, it’s a chair!

This bed!  Too bad it is dressed in these sloppy looking linens in an unflattering color. Imagine crisp white, or  steel blue….

Fun interpretation of the Ghost Chair.

Can you make this out?  A desk! fashioned out of a single mold – seat and all.  And below is the tag…

If you hurry, perhaps it is still there. Now if this is not a gift for the person who has everything….


Lest you think I overlooked the ‘carpet’ part of ABC Carpet and Home.


Gorgeous, sculptural rug. Not for the klutzy with that hi-lo stuff going on.

Can you tell how this rug undulates?

The famous ABC basement, right this way!  And and then you are greeted by this crazy space full of more rugs than one can imagine!

So many rugs, too few rooms.

And there you have it. I was able to capture only a fraction of what ABC has to offer and I cannot wait for an excuse to visit them again.



If you would like my help in creating your perfect home, just whistle – or click here.

ABC Carpet & Home AND Martha Stewart!

OMG! ABC Carpet & Home


Martha Stewart Living Radio, Seriously?

Seriously! I could hardly believe the email. In fact, I didn’t. I was convinced it was from one of my friends doing their best to get one over on me. But then I looked a little more closely, and started to realize it might be REAL!

So I re-read the note:

And sure enough, Michael King (who is completely darling!) was serious and a date was set.  With an interview time of  3:00pm and the Amtrak scheduled to arrive Penn Station at 10:00am,  what to do with all those free hours in between?

ABC Carpet and Home, of course! I’d never been and in my mind it was this crazy, amazing, huge, overwhelming nirvana for anyone who loves home decor – And. It. is.

Take a look:

Yummy! Can’t you just see these amazing napkin rings from Canopy Designs on your table?

So unique! Also Canopy Designs.

And here I am with my darling friend, Martha (left), who only works a block away from ABC! What a treat to share a cup of tea (her) and organic smoothie (me)  with her in ABC Kitchen, creation of Jean-Georges Vongerichten. That smoothie… let me tell you! yuuummyyy!

Lovng this glass-legged table next to the vintage and very traditional mirror. ABC was full of an eclectic mix of  modern, vintage, contemporary, industrial, sleek, retro, hip, bohemian.

Beautiful mosaic pieces from Ercole Home.

Can you imagine? Amazing!

Abyss & Habidecor luxury European towels and rugs. (what would you do with these balls?)

Bokja Can you say ‘conversation starter’?

Oh, there are so many more photos I would like to share, so check back for ABC Part II.

And oh yes, the whole reason I was in New York, the Martha Stewart Living Radio interview on Sirius/XM.

Here I am with Living Today host,  Mario Bosquez in a pic taken just after we finished the interview (ok, so this is a totally vain thing to share, but please reference the photo of me with Martha above to see that this one is SO adding 10 lbs!).

Thank you Mario and producers, Michael King and Lauren Gould, for a great experience! When I asked for a few ‘before we go live’ pointers, Mario said to think of the LIVE interview where listeners could CALL IN with RANDOM QUESTIONS as ‘just a conversation’. I’m not sure that is exactly how I might describe it (grin), but his manner and style put me at ease and I had a great time.   Incidentally, Mario is working on a TexMex cookbook. So hey Mario, if you ever need a taste tester……

Hugs,  Roxanne

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