Neither Frumpy nor Pedestrian

I am decidedly NOT a techie and am known to stubbornly resist change in this area.
I mean, what was wrong with the 8 Track, right?

An iPad? I just rolled my eyes.

However, after watching my friend, Lauren from Pure Style Home perform seeming miracles using her new iPad, I reconsidered (I’ll post another time about the app – Moodboard – that had me so giddy).  The very next day found me purchasing my shiny new iPad and inquiring about a fun cover.
Blank stare from Verizon guy.
I was led over to a small rack with black, black and black choices. Huh? I took black.

Perfectly functional and right for some, but just not for me.

But this could not be the end of the story. What was the problem? This is Apple right? Purveyors of Cool. So where was the iPad cover for ME? I need style, function, pizzaz. Honest to Pete! Could no one produce an iPad case with personality or a place to put a stylus?

MacBook Pro on my lap (“never” I remarked when asked if I wanted a PC all those years ago) I started my search for an iPad cover.

Happy Owl Studio!!!!!!

Ta da!

Meet The Clutch, one of 3 styles the folks at Happy Owl Studios created for the rest of us.


A place for everything, and everything in its place. Ahhh.

To be fair, another friend, Rachel James from RJ Interiors, has a beautiful iPad case from Twelve South.

First glance, a vintage book. Quite lovely.
But alas, no place for that stylus. Sorry Rachel.